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High Speed Drain Cleaning Services in Lincoln Park

Using Advanced Technology to Clean Drains in Wayne, Monroe, and Oakland Counties

When you hire a professional drain cleaner, you get solutions that go beyond chemical cleaners and messy snakes. At Michigan Trenchless Solutions, we go above and beyond to get your drains clean. Our high-speed drain cleaning services utilize our specialized equipment and thoroughly trained technicians to deliver the highest possible level of drain cleaning, without corrosive chemicals that damage your pipes.

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What is High-Speed Drain Cleaning?

High-speed drain cleaning, sometimes called high-pressure drain cleaning or flex shaft cable drain cleaning, is a new method of drain cleaning that combines the full coverage cleaning of hydro jetting with the targeted effectiveness of traditional drain cleaning and the latest in plumbing technology. The device used in high-speed drain cleaning may look like a traditional snake, but it’s far less messy and much more effective. Using a strong, flexible cable with cleaning attachments at the tip, our technicians can move through your pipes completely clearing away any obstructions and buildup. High-speed drain cleaning machines are also connected to computers, allowing us to have a higher degree of control over the process and providing an accurate picture of your pipes at all times.

Benefits of High-Speed Drain Cleaning Include:

  • Effective against hard-to-remove scale and rust buildup
  • Powers through tough grime and grease
  • Can be used with a variety of plumbing systems, including sewer lines
  • Capable of removing roots that have grown within your pipes
  • And more!

How Long Does High-Speed Drain Cleaning Take?

High-speed drain cleaning can be an effective and efficient way of clearing clogged pipes. Michigan Trenchless Solutions offers high-speed drain cleaning services in Lincoln Park and the surrounding area, with fast-acting results. With their advanced equipment, they are able to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. On average, a typical high-speed drain cleaning job takes around 1 to 3 hours. Michigan Trenchless Solutions also offers emergency services, so they can be onsite in as little as 2 hours. They guarantee complete satisfaction with their services and are available 24/7.

So if you're looking for a reliable high-speed drain cleaning service provider in Lincoln Park, then look no further than Michigan Trenchless Solutions. They are the go-to experts when it comes to high-speed drain cleaning. Contact them today and get your drains cleared quickly and effectively!

Trained and Experienced High-Speed Drain Cleaners

As the latest and greatest in drain cleaning technology, high-speed drain cleaners aren’t available to just anyone. Our Lincoln Park team has gone through thorough training to use these devices correctly and effectively. We’ve worked hard to build our skills and experience with these devices so that we can achieve the best results that this innovative technology can provide. Your peace of mind is always our priority, and you can rest easy knowing that your high-speed draining service is being performed by qualified experts.

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