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IMS Robotic Cutter in Lincoln Park

Cutting Away Clogs Without Cutting into Your Pipes

When you call a plumber to clear out a persistent clog in your drains or pipes, the last thing you want to hear is that the clog needs to be cut out. With most plumbers, this process involves cutting directly into your pipes and can be destructive, time-consuming, and expensive. But at Michigan Trenchless Solutions, we’re committed to eliminating even the toughest blockages using minimally invasive techniques. Our IMS robotic cutters don’t require us to cut directly into pipes and provide the same effective results in half the time.

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What Is an IMS Robotic Cutter?

An IMS robotic cutter is a remotely controlled mobile cutting system that is inserted into your drains in much the same way a traditional plumbing snake is. Instead of cutting your pipes apart, we simply insert the specialized cutting heads into your pipes and direct them towards scale, rust, and other high-level blockages. Using an IMS robotic cutter, we can eliminate stubborn roots, cut out hard-scale buildup, and prepare your pipes for trenchless pipe lining and repair.

What Kind of Clogs Require Robotic Cutting?

Drain cleaning solutions like high-speed drain cleaning and hydro jetting may be powerful enough to remove and dissolve most clogs, but some substances need to be physically cut away from the walls of your pipes. This can include left-behind construction materials like concrete and rebar, as well as particularly tough scale buildup and large roots.

You May Need Our IMS Robotic Cutting Services if Your Drains or Sewer Lined are Blocked By:

  • Roots
  • Fragments of broken pipe
  • Concrete
  • Rust
  • Rebar, stakes, posts, and other protruding objects
  • Residue from previous pipe lining or repiping attempts

The Convenience and Effectiveness of Trenchless Solutions

As trenchless plumbing experts, we believe that it’s possible to effectively deal with even the toughest plumbing problems without the need for trenches, excavation, or invasive cutting. With our advanced IMS robotic cutters, we not only preserve your landscaping and plumbing but save you time and money. Like our other non-invasive solutions, IMS robotic cutters can cut away clogs in less time and cost our customers left, because we don’t have to spend the time or labor cutting directly into your pipes and putting them back together.

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