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Are you experiencing backflow, septic leaks, pest infestations, or other issues associated with a broken sewer line? You may have put off getting the repairs you need because you’re trying to avoid messy trenches and destructive digging, but what if there was a way to solve your sewer issues without destroying your yard? With our trenchless sewer repairs, we take the stress out of sewer line services, bringing you the peace of mind you need through clean, safe, and effective solutions to all of your sewer issues – no trenches required.

How Trenchless Technology Works

Instead of digging a large trench across your property, we dig two small, discrete holes on either end of your sewer line. These holes allow us to feed specialized cameras, cables, hoses, and other tools through your sewer pipe. From this point, a variety of trenchless services can be performed, including inspections, linings, coatings, and repairs. With linings and coatings, specialized substances are pushed through your sewer line that seal cracks, smooth over buildup, and eliminate clogs, leaving you with a seamless and smooth pipe.

Most trenchless sewer line repairs are actually full sewer line replacements achieved through a technique known as pipe bursting. Using this technique, we feed a high-strength cable through your broken sewer line, attached to a high-powered motor on one end and a new sewer line on the other. The motor pulls the new sewer line into the space occupied by the old one, “bursting” it apart as it travels. This leaves you with a fully functional new sewer line, with no trenches or old sewer line left behind for you to deal with.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Services Include:

  • Lower costs
  • Faster completion times
  • No damage to your landscaping
  • No need for cones or traffic disruption
  • Effective and environmentally friendly

Our Trenchless Sewer Services

Whether you need a refresh from a lining or coating or a fresh start from a pipe bursting, Michigan Trenchless Solutions offers everything you need to fix your sewer line without the mess and stress associated with traditional repairs. As experienced trenchless sewer service professionals, we have the knowledge we need to address your unique situation and advise you on the best course of action to resolve it.

Michigan Trenchless Solutions Provides:

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