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Revitalizing Pipes and Sewer Lines Across Wayne, Monroe, and Oakland Counties

If sewage is seeping through cracks in your sewer line and pooling in your yard, you need a fast, effective solution – but that solution doesn’t need to involve digging up your landscaping. Michigan Trenchless Solutions offers efficient and non-destructive epoxy brush coating services in our Lincoln Park backyard and in the surrounding areas of Wayne, Monroe, and Oakland Counties. With epoxy brush coating, cracks and fissures in the walls of your sewer line can be sealed and the built-up scale and mineral deposits that may have caused the cracks can be removed, all without a trench.

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What is Epoxy Brush Coating?

Epoxy brush coating is a trenchless sewer repair process that lined the inside of your pipes with a durable, waterproof coating that seals and cracks or fissures. The process begins by thoroughly inspecting and cleaning your sewer line using video cameras and trusted descaling products. Next, we feed specialized brushes through your pipe that completely coat the inside of your sewer line with epoxy. The epoxy fills in any cracks or leaks present, and once it dries, your sewer line will be completely refreshed. The whole process requires no excavation – just a small hole at either end of your sewer line that we’ll fill in before we leave.

Benefits of Epoxy Brush Coating Include:

  • Certified as safe, durable, and sustainable
  • Fast – coating can be completed in a single day
  • Coatings can stand up to high-pressure water
  • No messy and destructive trenches required
  • And more!

Trust the Trenchless Experts

At Michigan Trenchless Solutions, we have years of training and experience in a variety of trenchless services, including epoxy brush coatings. We want our customers to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their sewer lines are being taken care of by real experts, not just amateur technicians. With our endless dedication to customer service, we ensure that every customer who comes to us for epoxy brush coating and other trenchless services gets exactly what they need, at a price they’ll love.

Why Get Your Trenchless Epoxy Coating Services from Michigan Trenchless Solutions?

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  • Committed to quality and customer service
  • Warranties
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